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Oracle BPM Course Overview:

Oracle Business Process Management, a member of the Oracle Business Process Management Suite, is a complete set of tools for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes. The suite enables unparalleled collaboration between business and IT to automate and optimize business processes.

Oracle BPM Course Content:

Oracle BPM Suite11g Overview :
  • Benefits of BPM 
  • Process modeling 
  • Oracle BPM Suite11g Product 
Introduction to Oracle BPM Studio :
  • Features JDeveloper (OracleBPMStudio) 
BPMN Modeling :
  • Discussion of BPMN2.0 
  • Process 
  • Roles
  • Activities 
  • Basic Process Patterns 
  • BPM Elements:
  • Activities, 
  • Events, 
  • Gateways Modeling business processes with BPM 
  • Creating Business Process Flow 
  • Creating Business objects in Business Ca
Data Objects:
  • ExplainingDataObjectsandtheirscope,DeclaringProcessandProjectDataObjects
  • Process Data Objects 
  • Subprocess Data Objects 
  • Project 
  • Data Associations
  • Creating and defining Projects
  • Defining Role and Organization Units
  • Creating Roles and using Users from LDAP
  • Organizing processes using Swim lanes
  • Adding user interaction to Process Flow
  • Controlling Process Flow—
  • Defining exclusive gateways 
  • Implementing exclusive gateways 
  • Parallel gateways
  • Sequence flows 
  • Communicating with external processes 
  • Services 
  • DB Adapter 
  • JMS Adapter 
  • Also Covers XPath and XSLT–XSLT and XPath explained and learn how to transform one type of XML document into a different type
BPMN Activities Task Types:
  • Service Task 
  • Send & Receive Tasks 
  • User Task 
  • Manual Task 
  • Rules Task 
  • Script Task 
  • Call Task 
BPMN Gateways:
  • Exclusive OR (XOR)gateway 
  • Parallel(AND) gateway 
  • Complex gateway 
BPMN Events:
  • Start Event 
  • End Event 
  • Catch Event 
  • Error Event 
  • Timer event 
  • Boundary Events 
  • Process 
  • Event Subprocess 
  • Subprocess 
Implementing HumanTask / User TaskServices:
  • Overview of human task 
  • Designing the flow 
  • Different types of User Tasks in BPM 
  • Adding a Human Task to the composite 
  • Task Definition 
  • Add Task Parameter and its type 
  • Assignment and Routing Policy 
  • Edit Participant Type 
  • Calling the Human Task from BPEL 
  • About Human task patterns and Explaining Parameters and data association 
  • Working with Expression builder and its functions. 

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