Major Six Themes for Oracle BPM 12c Technology

Adaptive Case Management : Traditionally BPM has been leveraged for automating and optimizing structured business processes, resulting in increased visibility, agility,  transparency, and operational efficiency. Now customers want the same benefits for their high value, unstructured, highly unpredictable process flows. Most of these are document intensive, involve complex decision making by knowledge workers, resulting in unique instances for each run of the business process. The order of execution of steps is unique to every instance. Oracle BPM 12c is a single, unified platform for BPM and Case Management. We released a Case UI for a 360 degree view of case and data - allowing visibility into activities, milestones, outcome, audit trail, and allow collaboration across cases and take action across cases, dynamically at run-time.

Mobile : People want to productive anytime, anywhere, from any device. 12c ships with  special capabilities to optimize mobile capabilities. We recently shipped a mobile application for task approvals available in the apple iTunes store, requiring no custom development work. We also added support for REST APIs on top of BPM. With REST APIs and Oracle Mobile Platform framework, you can build and test your mobile applications and control access over a variety of devices. We are bringing a generic mobile application that can work across variety of operating systems and form factors. Oracle BPM Webforms can be displayed on the web, as well as different devices including tablets and mobile phones. You can approve tasks in bulk, you can attach pictures, and integrate  your business process with geolocation. Users can be productive offline or in disconnected mode. We allow you to work offline mode and then synchronize when online again empowering the mobile user. 

Major Themes for BPM 12c
Developer Productivity : Oracle BPM12c has added significant features to increase developer productivity - introduced small memory foot print, and quick install. It is optimized for developer productivity and allows zero to minimal coding, being all wizard based and declarative. If you want to write code, we have first class support for Groovy scripting for all complex computations throughout the development. Oracle BPM 12c includes a complete debugger support to step in, step over, examine variables between peer processes, sub processes. Developers will now have a productive experience and enjoy building BPM processes.

Process Monitoring : Oracle BPM 12c enables operational managers and business leaders to manage process health and take action on the fly at runtime. Many BAM components have been added to allow business users to allow them to analyze business procssses on the fly and create reports and dashboards. BAM composer and Process Composer are available on the same stack. Oracle BPM 12c includes rich support for out of the box BAM dashboards - BPM process monitor dashboards to monitor real-time processes, tasks and resources.  It allows monitoring bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and drill down for root-cause analysis. This also allows realtime analysis against historical averages.

Process Modeling : Oracle BPM12c makes Business User and enables them for processes development to forms to rules to data and business indicators for process analytics. Agile process development life-cycle has now broadened to include modeling capabilities. So now there is support for moving from departmental to enterprise level - core, supporting and operational processes. There is support for cataloging and categorizing processes, allowing identifying bottlenecks as well as best BPM processes to achieve maximum ROI. Oracle BPM 12c allows creation of conceptual models for a lightweight business architecture and creation of  high level enterprise wide views to drill down to value chains to operational flows. It allows creation of business rules to objectives to strategies to operational business process support. In addition it allows KPIs to be defined at lower level process flows and allows roll up to higher level flows to generate a heat map so you can identify process candidates to maximize ROI.

Migration of BPM: You can now seamlessly migrate your 10g projects processes, organizational units, business objects to Oracle BPM 12c. Short running process instances may be best to finish running on the current platform, but long running instances can migrate to Oracle BPM 12c. You can suspend an instance of the process you are migrating in Oracle BPM 12c and migrate the data and process and then continue running the suspended processes on 12c.
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